Christmas is a wonderful time of year, perhaps the most beloved season by the portuguese people, full of joy, celebration and generosity.

It's a time where families get together, where close friends and co-workers organize Christmas parties. It also has a strong religious nature, which makes us think and reflect on family and life values, and is in fact the most popular season in the western world.


Purchasing in Physical Stores:

By tradition, it is also a time to offer Gifts to those closest to us and therefore also a time of great consumption.

We have to buy several gifts for the family, we have to buy several souvenirs for friends, and we have to…. and we have to... and then we don't have time, it causes us stress and although we never want to, there are always a lot of purchases left for the last few days! And the stores are crowded, the store employees don't always have time to enlighten us, the traffic increases a lot and with that, our stress also increases a lot. :-)

And when we buy, we have to carry bags with our purchases, from one store to another and sometimes we can no longer carry so many bags :-)


The Advantages of Shopping in Online Stores:

Although there are some disadvantages, there are many advantages to buying online:


Save time:

How many times do we despair because we don't have enough time to shop? How many times have gifts remained unbought? It happened to us all!

Online shopping has a great advantage: we can do it on any day, at any time of the day or night, online stores never close!

And this brings us great convenience and a huge “saving” of time. We don't have to travel between the various stores, we don't have traffic, we can buy whenever we want!


Save Money:

Online shopping has another great advantage and that is that we can calmly and at home compare the price of a product in the various online stores that sell it. And that saves us money!

Another important aspect is that when we go to physical stores, we often have transport expenses, parking expenses, and almost always, we have to have lunch or dinner out, and this is another important cost.


Save your patience:

When we buy online, we see the product at any time we want, we don't have to wait in traffic or parking queues, we don't have to wait for the store employee to give us the explanation we need, we can simply see the product, compare prices and buy. And even better, they bring our purchases to our home.

Stress? Yes, some, but much less than buying physical ones, and that's another big advantage :-)


Tips for Christmas Shopping Online:

Advance planning: Make your purchases in advance to avoid delays in deliveries and ensure that your products arrive on time.

Search and compare: Explore different websites to find the best prices and offers before making a purchase.

Check all costs: Make sure there are no additional costs and if the price includes delivery, the idea is to reach the lowest final price.

Check return policies: If you need to exchange or return, familiarize yourself with the site's return policies to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Buy on known websites: Make your purchases on safe websites, if necessary, check the social networks of that online store and see if there are derogatory comments, in practice see if that online store seems safe and trustworthy.


Love it Portugal's proposals for your online shopping:

Love it Portugal is a multi-category online store and therefore has several product families available to its customers. And this is an advantage because you can buy different types of items in the same store:

- Filigree Articles:

We have several categories, namely Filigree Earrings, where you will find the famous Queen Earrings, Viana Heart Earrings, others in heart shapes, others more stylized, others with Caramujo motifs and even with Portuguese Tile motifs, and many more, some smaller others larger, but you will certainly find beautiful pieces of great quality.


- Women's and Men's Bags and Backpacks:

We have bags and backpacks for women and men. We have beautiful cork bags, an eco-friendly and renewable material, for women and men, and we also have cork backpacks for women and men. We have burel bags and backpacks for women, a natural 100% wool fabric, soft but very resistant and waterproof, and we also have burel backpacks for men. And we also have beautiful Reed Bags, colourful and with a practical burel lining with 2 inner pockets, which gives you additional security for storing personal belongings.


- Accessories for personal use for Women and Men:

We have accessories in burel and cork, for women and men, which are an interesting complement to a different look. You will find waist bags, pocket wallets, handbags and many other items for your personal use.


- Ceramic Flowers:

We have beautiful hand-moulded Ceramic Flowers, Sunflowers, Poppies, Pansies, Lavenders, Hibiscuses, Arums and even Leaves. They are beautiful pieces, very delicate and eternal!


- Crafts from Portugal:

We have several pieces of Portuguese handicrafts, including the traditional Galos de Barcelos, the beautiful and appreciated ceramic Sardines and Swallows, and many other pieces, some more traditional, others already authorial pieces. We also have traditional Bande Musicians, who take us back to a popular past of portuguese parties and pilgrimages. We also have some spectacular Ceramic Dolls, hand-painted by a Portuguese artist-artisan, and with skirts alluding to Tiles and Fado motifs.


In summary, we suggest that you make rational, quality, environmentally friendly purchases that are representative of our regions. Combine consumption with the preservation of nature and the disclosure of our very portuguese products.

Good choices!