Who we are

We believe that Portugal is the perfect country not only to live in, but also to visit and enjoy its traditions and products.

Geographically Portugal is a relatively small country with a dimension of 92,090 km2 in the shape of a rectangle of approximately 600x200 km. In addition to the continental territory, the islands of Madeira and the Azores are also part of it.
With a markedly Mediterranean climate, despite its small size, we have different climates between the North and the South, and throughout the country we also have different coastal and mountainous areas. 
Also relevant, and perhaps due to these differences in altitude and temperature, we have several local traditions, and therefore, many regional Arts and Crafts, as well as different ways of Cooking with different smells and flavors. 
Portugal had its formation in the year 868 AD and has its borders defined from 1297, which makes it the oldest nation-state in Europe with defined borders.
Portugal had a great importance worldwide in the 15th and 16th centuries as a result of the great expansion in the Age of Discoveries, where it established several territories in Africa, Asia, and South America. 
Portugal has a large coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to the territories of the Azores and Madeira, which are also located in the Atlantic Ocean and, of course, have always been deeply linked to the sea. 
Several of our traditions come from this centuries-old relationship with the sea, and from the influences of ancient African territories (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, etc.) and of South America, with Brazil. 
It is possible to feel this close relationship with these countries, not only through orality but also through music, cuisine, the way of dressing, and above all through the enormous human warmth of our population, for whom the concept of family deeply marks our way of living and many of our traditions. 

Nowadays, Portugal is fully integrated into the EU. It has made immense progress in health and education, being one of the most attractive countries for the installation of companies in the technological areas. It is also one of the countries in the world's front line for the preservation of the environment, having assumed a prominent role at the COP26 Climate Conference. 
The new generations are leading the development in technological areas, in industry and services, in fashion and in professions related to the arts and traditions of the country. 

LOVEITPORTUGAL is formed by young and middle-aged people in love with Portugal. Our partners are also a mix of generations that value and complement each other. 
As we travel across different continents and countries, we increasingly understand the richness and importance of Portugal in terms of universal values ​​and in the most diverse traditions and professions, which we want to share with you. 
We made a careful selection of Partners, selected based on their quality and design. 
Throughout our LOVEITPORTUGAL website, we place at your disposal some of these relevant Portuguese products, representative of some of our regions and traditions. 
We will therefore promote and market several items representing these traditions, namely Reed Bags, Cork Bags and Burel Bags; Filigree; Cork and Burel Accessories; Ceramic Flowers; and Handicrafts. 

We hope you like it as much as we do, and enjoy our 100% Portuguese items!