We are a team of young and middle-aged people who are passionate about Portugal.
We believe that Portugal is the perfect country to live in, but also to visit!

Geographically, Portugal is a relatively small country, measuring 92,000 km2 (approx 650x250 km N/S). Despite its small size, Portugal has marked climate differences between the North and South, and throughout the country we also have different coastal and mountainous areas.
And these differences between regions are well expressed in our traditions, gastronomy and culture.

In the north of the country, we have some mountainous areas and therefore a colder and more humid climate.
The beaches in the north are bathed by the Atlantic and are naturally colder and more indented.
The food, where fuller and more intense dishes predominate, reflects this less mild and humid climate.
In the Center and South of the country, we already have more plains, and therefore, a hotter and drier climate.
The beaches in the South are also bathed by the Atlantic, but are also influenced by the warm currents of the Mediterranean Sea, and are naturally warmer and more welcoming.
The food, where lighter dishes predominate, reflects this milder and drier climate.
Also relevant, and perhaps due to these differences in altitude and temperature, we have several very different local traditions, and therefore, we have many regional Arts and Crafts, as well as varied ways of Cooking with different and very varied smells and flavors.

When we travel to other Continents and Countries, we increasingly realize the richness and importance of Portugal in the most diverse Crafts traditions, which we want to share with you.
Throughout our website, we make available some of these important and relevant Portuguese products of superior quality and design.
We hope you like it and enjoy!

Love it Portugal!