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I bought a Filigree Necklace, which is beautiful. I just love it!
The packaging box is very beautiful.
— Elsa Martins
I bought a cork waist bag Agueda that is very practical for me to ride my motorcycle.
Fast delivery.
— Felix P.
I bought a Filigree Earrings in Gold and Blue that are beautiful! I love it!
— Sofia S.
I bought a Fat Rooster and I think it's different and spectacular!
Very well packaged and fast shipping.
— Irene T.
I bought some Square Sardines that are very beautiful and original!
Well packaged. Fast shipping.
— Alice Martin
I bought a Graça Cork Backpack and in addition to being beautiful and practical, it is also ecological. Love it!
Fast shipping.
— Anna

What is Filigree?

Portuguese Filigree is today an important part of Portuguese jewelry. It is a technique and an art form that, through a delicate union of wires and balls made on silver or gold, creates beautiful patterns in the manufacture of filigree jewelry with great precision and using manual tools and the use of heat. It is often referred to as Viana Filigree (Filigrana de Viana) because it is widely used to complement the regional costumes of girls and ladies in the region and today it is produced in the north of Portugal by artisans who have completed a long apprenticeship over many years.

It is much appreciated in Portugal and throughout the world for the delicacy and beauty of its pieces and the international recognition came mainly from the Heart of Viana Pendant (Coração de Viana), as it was used by Sharon Stone, at the time one of the world cinema stars.

There are several types of jewelry produced in filigree and Necklaces are widely used and appreciated.

There are necklaces of various shapes and sizes, some more traditional, others more modern, but all aesthetically beautiful and delicate.

The best-known Filigree Necklaces use motifs linked to the Heart of Viana, Caramujo, or Portuguese Tiles. They are made in silver or gold, in silver or gold tones and often mixed with blue and red decorations.