Customer reviews
I bought a Filigree Necklace, which is beautiful. I just love it!
The packaging box is very beautiful.
— Elsa Martins
I bought a cork waist bag Agueda that is very practical for me to ride my motorcycle.
Fast delivery.
— Felix P.
I bought a Filigree Earrings in Gold and Blue that are beautiful! I love it!
— Sofia S.
I bought a Fat Rooster and I think it's different and spectacular!
Very well packaged and fast shipping.
— Irene T.
I bought some Square Sardines that are very beautiful and original!
Well packaged. Fast shipping.
— Alice Martin
I bought a Graça Cork Backpack and in addition to being beautiful and practical, it is also ecological. Love it!
Fast shipping.
— Anna

What is Cork?

Cork is a material taken from the bark of the cork oak, a tree native to Mediterranean countries and in particular in southern Portugal. It is harvested every nine years, without harming the tree, making it a renewable resource.

It is a waterproof and lightweight material, very versatile and sustainable, widely known for its unique properties, in particular resistance and capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation.

It is mainly known for its use in the manufacture of cork stoppers, but it is also widely used in the manufacture of flooring and insulation for homes with an ecological nature.

Due to its energy and insulation properties, it’s also used in the coating of spaceships.

More recently, and with the use of various colours, it is widely used in the manufacture of Cork Bags and Purses for women, and for a younger audience in Cork Backpack formats. Cork Accessories are also very popular, both for home and personal uses as fashion accessories, combining tradition with innovation and aesthetic beauty and because it is renewable, also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Due to its eco-friendly characteristics and quality, the Cork Purses as well as the Cork Bags from Portugal, are highly appreciated by the new generations.

Woman bags from LoveitPortugal store, in particular the Cork Bags and Handbags and the Cork Backpacks, have a very good finishes, and they are certainly an excellent souvenir from Portugal.