Finding the perfect Christmas Gift for a modern and sophisticated man can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something with elegance, distinction, quality and uniqueness. This Christmas, consider gifts that reflect distinction and refinement, combined with ecological and environmentally friendly choices, such as Filigree, Burel and Cork pieces, which offer a touch of tradition, distinction and modernity.

Love it Portugal has several options, which will certainly please a modern man, and aligned with nature preservation.

Here are five captivating options to charm the sophisticated men in your life:


Filigree Jewelry: Elegance in precious details

Filigree is a centuries-old art in Portugal that combines meticulous skills with delicacy and precision. Due to their delicacy, filigree jewelry is more sought after by women, but this trend has changed in recent years and is now also appreciated by men.

Gifting filigree jewelry, such as Cufflinks or a Necklace, is a sophisticated way to celebrate this tradition. These pieces stand out for their intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty, adding a touch of class to any man's look. The precision of the details, and the historical value of the filigree make these jewels a truly memorable gift. Class and distinction do not always depend on economic value, they often depend above all on the simplicity of the pieces and the combinations we make with them.

And LoveitPortugal has beautiful options in sterling silver 925/1000, of Filigree Cufflinks, one in silver tones (Silver Filigree Cufflinks 16mm) and another combining with a blue snail (Silver Filigree Cufflinks with Flower 13mm). They are very beautiful, distinctive pieces that add a touch of class to an important event or celebration.




We also have beautiful necklaces in gold and silver, shorter or longer, thinner or thicker, which today are even widely used without any medal and just as a necklace. And here we suggest the Golden Plated silver filigree necklace 55cm (21.7in).

These necklaces can also be combined with a Pendant chosen from the various options we offer.




Burel: Sophistication and warmth in exclusive textiles

Burel is a 100% wool fabric, produced in the Serra da Estrela region from the region's sheep and is therefore a fabric produced with renewable and sustainable raw materials. It has a soft touch, but is a very resistant and even waterproof fabric.

Burel has many applications, the oldest being the production of clothing and blankets. However, today burel has many other applications, such as the production of bags and backpacks, and because it is very resistant, it is also used to cover sofas.

Love it Portugal has several Burel Bags and Backpacks options to offer a man.

The pieces have a very careful image and a practical and perfect finish and interior.

We suggest our Burel Backpack Coimbra or the Burel Backpack Porto, which are very elegant and different pieces. Both have compartmentalized interiors with an excellent finish.




Cork Art: Distinction with originality and sustainability

Cork is a very versatile, renewable and sustainable material, making it a very interesting option for gifts. It is a very Portuguese raw material, ecological, of high quality, very resistant and even waterproof.

Cork is a material used by several types of industries, the most common being the wine, in the production of stoppers, but recently it is also widely used in other sectors, such as covering floors and walls in homes, as a coating for cars and airplanes and also in the production of Cork Bags, Backpacks and Accessories.

LoveitPortugal has several very beautiful and original options in Bags, Backpacks, Pocket Wallets, Waist Bags and Crossbody Bags. There is also an original Cork Wine Bag Covilhã, to give as a gift to that man who is so special to us.

To use in a work environment and with a modern and dynamic look, we suggest the Braga Cork Bag or the Lisboa Cork Backpack, which are highly tidy, distinct and functional pieces.

For a slightly more minimalist and practical use, we suggest Waist Bags, and in this category we have 3 options: The cork waist bag Lourinhã, the cork waist bag Águeda and the cork waist bag Mafra, all very practical and perfect for a modern man.

For a sportsman and motorcycle lover, we suggest the Cork Bag Faro, a crossbody bag, which is very practical and useful.

There are therefore several cork options, any of them with great taste and class!

Good choices!