Christmas is a time of joy, celebration and sharing.

It's a special time, especially for children, who eagerly await Christmas Eve to receive their gifts! but it is also a time to share with everyone close to us, whether by showing love and affection, or by offering that special gift that we know that person will love.


Special Gifts for Mom:

As women, all mothers love jewelry! And why not a Filigree Jewelry?

They are very beautiful pieces, they are traditional because they respect our past, but they are also modern and timeless! And besides being beautiful, they are delicate pieces, and she will definitely love them!

And in filigree there are several types of jewelry: filigree earrings, medals, necklaces, bracelets, and bracelets.


Filigree Earrings:

There are many types of earrings, from gold or silver to many shapes and sizes.

The best known are the Viana Heart Earrings (Brincos Coração de Viana), with their variations that include blue and red inlays, the Queen Earrings (Brincos Rainha), the square or round Caramujo Earrings, and the Viana Bead Earrings. But in addition to these, there are many others, very beautiful, different and that will certainly delight mom!


filigree-earring-silver-viana-heart-42_1 - Resized


Filigree Pendants:

There are many types of Pendants, and the first choice to make is based on size. Does she like big medals, or does she prefer small ones? Do you prefer them simpler or more flashy?

The most famous are the Viana Heart Pendant (Medalha Coração de Viana), also with many variants, some with beautiful inlays in shades of blue or red, and are also the most traditional in Portuguese culture. But there are many other pendants with other variations of the Heart figure, thinner or thicker, shorter or longer. We offer other pendants, some with religious motifs, others with variations of hearts and even the famous Call-Angels pendant, much appreciated in Spain.

LoveitPortugal even has a Pendant called: "Mãe” (mother) Heart Gold Silver Medal 40mm. It's a beautiful Pendant with the word mother in the centre and beautiful worked edges on the sides. It's beautiful and I'm sure she'll love it!


Filigree Necklaces:

There are also many filigree necklaces, with different sizes and thicknesses.

Love it Portugal has beautiful necklaces with typical Caramujos, a necklace with a small but very beautiful ball, the Queen necklace (Rainha) and the beautiful Viana Bead necklace. And we also have necklaces without medals, in gold or silver, measuring from 50, 55 and 80 cm.

So, many options, some cheaper, others more expensive, but some will certainly please the mother.




Filigree Bracelets:

Love it Portugal has several bracelets, from rigid or slave bracelets to more mouldable bracelets. Some more economical, others more expensive, but certainly some of them will make the mother very happy.

We have bracelets with hearts of Viana, filigree bracelets with Caramujos or Flowers and bracelets with the famous Viana beads (contas de Viana).



Special Gifts for Dad:

LoveitPortugal has several types of gifts for Man, and he will certainly be very pleased with one of the choices.


Filigree Cufflinks

Cufflinks are typically worn on special occasions or celebrations.

Love it Portugal has 2 cufflink options, one completely silver, therefore more discreet, and the other in the shape of a beautiful ant typical Caramujo.


Cork or Burel Backpacks and Suitcases and Cork and Burel Accessories

Cork is an excellent portuguese material, eco-friendly, renewable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it is very resistant and waterproof.

Burel is a typically Portuguese 100% wool fabric, originating from the Serra da Estrela region. It was used by sheep herders in the mountains for centuries and is very resistant and even waterproof.

Love it Portugal has several options for Cork Bags and Backpacks, and also Burel Backpacks.

They all have perfect finishes and a fantastic look and certainly suit a modern man who is in tune with the environment.

We also have several beautiful Cork Accessories, such as the Cork Pocket Wallet, the practical Waist Bags and the always useful Cork Dump Pockets.




Special Gifts for Children:

Not being a store specializing in children, Love it Portugal has some accessories that are more educational in nature, such as Cork Coin Purses and Pencil Holders, which are also made from ecological and renewable materials.



What to choose?

Enter the Love it Portugal online store and browse the various categories of items and you will certainly find magnificent Christmas offers and gifts for the family. In addition to those we have already mentioned, you will certainly find other beautiful, differentiated, quality possibilities, at affordable prices and the vast majority of them eco-friendly!

Good choices!