Christmas is a time of joy, celebration and sharing.

It is a special time, especially for children, because we have the habit of giving them Gifts, and all children look forward to receiving the desired Gifts on Christmas Eve.

But it is also a time to show affection and it is not just children who hope to receive their little gift... Adults also want to receive a souvenir from people close to them, especially family members, but also close friends, and even from companies or co-workers.

It is also an excellent opportunity to show love and care, not only for loved ones, but also for our planet. Today we are all more aware of the need to preserve the environment, and choosing eco-friendly gifts is a wonderful way to spread joy without compromising our future.

Love it Portugal has environmental concerns from the outset. And the explanation is very simple: Planet Earth is unique!!! We have no option B, and its preservation has to be a collective effort and we feel that we have to be an active part in promoting good environmental practices! All of our products are environmentally friendly and comply with good labour practices. We have this concern and share it with all our partners, suppliers, artists and artisans.


Why choose eco-friendly Gifts?

Choosing sustainable Christmas Gifts goes beyond just giving a gift; It is also a gesture that reflects concern for the well-being of the environment. Here are some reasons why sustainable gifts are a great choice:

Reducing environmental impact: Eco-friendly products are generally made with renewable, recycled or biodegradable materials, thus reducing the amount of waste and pollutants generated.

Supporting ethical practices: Many sustainable gifts are produced by companies that value ethical practices, such as fair trade and fair working conditions for workers. And Love it Portugal has been concerned with this from the very beginning. All of our production is made 100% in Portugal and our country has adhered to the International Conventions that prohibit child labour and the exploitation of the human condition. We have a very close relationship with our supplier partners, and we know that they comply with national and international rules.

Encouraging change: By offering a sustainable gift you can inspire others to adopt a more similar lifestyle, more conscious in their relationship with the environment.


Eco-friendly Gift Options

Products produced from Vegetable and Forest Fibers:

Our country has several options for products produced from plants and trees.

- products made from Junco:

- products made from Wicker

- products made from Cork:

-products made from Wood


Products produced from Animal Fibers:

Here too, Portugal has several possibilities for products made with natural fibers of animal origin, such as:

- natural fibers produced with the wool of Portuguese sheep

- products manufactured in Portugal, based on natural imported silk

- products manufactured in Portugal, based on natural imported cotton

- products manufactured in Portugal, based on natural imported linen

- Upcycled/Recycled products, made from recycled materials,


How to choose the Perfect Gift

When choosing an eco-friendly gift, you should take into account the age, needs and interests of the person who will receive it. Be a friend concerned with fashion, but also be a friend concerned with the Environment and the preservation of Nature.


LoveitPortugal’s sustainable proposals – for Women:

We have a wide, beautiful and differentiated choice of items for women:

Filigree Jewelry: the saying goes that jewelry is a woman's best friend, and we have a huge variety of beautiful Filigree pieces, such as Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants and Bracelets.

We have the famous Coração de Viana (heart of viana) Earrings that can be part of a collection with Medals and Necklaces from the same collection, the much appreciated Queen Earrings; we have the beautiful Beaded Necklaces and Earrings from Viana, we have pieces inspired by Portuguese Tiles such as very elegant Earrings, we have the well-known and much appreciated Caramujo Bracelets that can be combined with the Earrings and Medals from the same collection, and we have many more Filigree pieces , including pieces of a religious nature. So, the difficult part will be choosing and deciding! You can make a more detailed choice here;

Handbags, Shoulder Bags and Backpacks: We have a wide variety of Hand and Shoulder Bags and also Backpacks made from Burel, Cork and Reed:


Cork Backpack Aurora + Golden silver filigree square earring 51mm (2in)


- Love it Portugal has beautiful Reed Bags. Reed is a vegetable that grows on the banks of some Portuguese rivers. Reed Bags are cheerful, colourful and very resistant. Our Reed Bags are supplied with a natural protective varnish, and when well treated, they last for over 20 years. They are also supplied with a natural leather strap and a Burel lining with 2 inner pockets, one of them with a zip closure that guarantees the safety of your belongings, such as your wallet and keys. You can find them by clicking here.


- Love it Portugal has beautiful Cork Bags and Backpacks. Portugal is one of the largest cork producers in the world and Portuguese cork is one of the perfect and most appreciated. Cork is an insulating, waterproof, very resistant material with excellent thermal behaviour. It is widely used in the wine industry, the food industry, the fashion industry, the housing construction industry and even the space industry. You can find our Cork Bags and Backpacks here.


- Love it Portugal has beautiful Burel Bags and Backpacks. Burel is a 100% sheep's wool fabric, produced from sheep in the Serra da Estrela region. It is very resistant, but also very soft to the touch and even waterproof. Burel is a very beautiful fabric which allows for high quality finishes. Our Burel Bags and Burel Backpacks look great, have perfect finishes, and have plenty of internal storage space. You can find our Burel Bags and Burel Backpacks here.


Cork and Burel Accessories: We have many pieces that complement a woman's look, such as Small Inner Bags for use inside a handbag, we have beautiful and very useful Waist Bags, Coin purses and much more. You can find our Cork and Burel Accessories here.


Ceramic Flowers: We have a wide choice of beautiful Ceramic Flowers: Poppies, Sunflowers, Pansies, 4-leaf Clovers, Hibiscus, Arums, Orchids and Lavenders. Hand-modelled by a Portuguese artisan-artist, they are of unparalleled beauty and delicacy. You can find our wonderful Ceramic Flowers here.




LoveitPortugal’s sustainable proposals – for Men:

We have very beautiful items for Man, such as Filigree Cufflinks, Burel Backpacks, Cork Backpacks and Bags, Cork Waist Bags, Cork Wallets, Cork Dump Pockets, Wine Gift Bags, and much more. You can find our articles for Men here.




LoveitPortugal’s sustainable proposals – for Children:

We have some items that can be used by children, such as school supplies, for example Pencil Holders and Coin Purses made from cork. You can find our Cork Accessories here.






Celebrating Christmas in an eco-friendly and powerful way to show love and consideration not only for your loved ones, but also for our Planet.

Eco-friendly Christmas should not be just a passing trend, but rather a way of living and giving gifts with purpose, taking care of our “Home” – planet Earth.

This Christmas, when choosing sustainable gifts from LoveitPortugal, you are also contributing to a greener, responsible and healthier future!