Traditional Barcelos Rooster 26cm (10.2in)


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Traditional Barcelos Rooster.

Dimensions: 26cm (10.2in) high and 18cm (7in) wide.

Handicraft made in Portugal.

Handmade and hand painted piece in faience.

The Barcelos Rooster (Galo de Barcelos) is the most typical piece of crafts of Portugal. It is linked to a local legend from Barcelos, where a man sentenced to death by hanging for various crimes told the judge that he was innocent and that his rooster would crow at the moment of his death. In fact, the judge's rooster crowed at the exact moment for the hanging. The judge rushed to the scene and saw the man still alive because the rope had a defective knot... He was thus acquitted and released.

ATTENTION: The products shipped may present slight differences with the item in the photo, since all pieces are handmade and hand painted.

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