Burel is a fabric that is very representative of the tradition and quality of Portuguese textiles and in particular those of the Serra da Estrela region and surrounding cities. Burel is a handmade fabric, made from the wool of the Serra da Estrela sheep breed, which was and still is used by sheep herders in Serra da Estrela to protect themselves from the cold at night during their weeks-long stay grazing their flocks. The wool is collected from local sheep, which graze in the mountains, giving burel a deep connection with nature.

Burel is a 100% wool fabric and stands out for its quality, durability, high thermal insulation and also for its texture.
It is soft to the touch and also waterproof, which gives it added advantages.

In addition to being used in the manufacture of traditional shepherds' blankets, it today has many other applications, such as in the clothing industry, in the production of suitcases, bags, backpacks, coats, accessories and gloves. As it is soft to the touch, very resistant and highly durable, it is also used in the production of sofas, cushions, and rugs, with a spectacular beauty and finish.

It is a fabric that honours national heritage and combines tradition with modernity. It is natural, renewable, environmentally friendly and long-lasting. 100% Portugal!

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