The Viana Heart – Coração de Viana, a gem of Portuguese jewelry, goes far beyond aesthetic beauty, having deep roots in the history and culture of Portugal. This article explores the meaning of Coração de Viana, its origins, history and development over the years, revealing layers of emotion, tradition and identity that make it a fundamental part of Portuguese culture.


History and Evolution over Time

Coração de Viana has its roots in the picturesque city of Viana do Castelo in the north of Portugal. Its history dates back to the 18th century, when local goldsmiths began creating intricate pieces of jewelry inspired by cultural and religious elements. The distinctive heart shape, with elaborate lines and intricate details, soon became a hallmark of the region's artisanal mastery.

In the 19th century, the visit of Queen Maria II of Portugal to Viana do Castelo played a crucial role in consolidating the symbol. Enchanted by the beauty of the local pieces, the queen commissioned the reproduction of the Viana Heart. This royal patronage boosted the popularity of the symbol, which became a distinctive element in many ornaments and jewelry, evolving over the years to adapt to the aesthetic trends of the time.



During the Estado Novo, the authoritarian regime that prevailed in Portugal from 1933 to 1974, the Viana Heart was appropriated as a nationalist symbol. Its ornate stylization became a visual representation of tradition and national pride. However, after the Carnation Revolution in 1974, the country experienced political and social change, and the Viana Heart was rescued as an emblem of cultural and historical identity, standing out in folkloric contexts, events and celebrations.


The Meaning of Coração de Viana

The Viana Heart transcends its status as a piece of jewelry; it is a cultural icon deeply rooted in Portuguese identity. At its core is the symbolism of love and friendship. More than a jewel to be worn, the Viana Heart is a gift that encapsulates deep emotions, representing lasting bonds and sincere feelings. This symbolism also extends to devotion, symbolizing loyalty and commitment in relationships. In this way, the tradition of giving a Viana Heart on special occasions persists as an authentic expression of affection.

The Viana Heart has become an intrinsic part of celebrations in Portugal. At events such as weddings and birthdays, its presence is remarkable. It transcends its aesthetic function, becoming an emblem of tradition and celebration of life. Wearing a Coração de Viana on these occasions is more than adorning yourself with jewelry; it’s about being part of a rich cultural narrative. Its striking presence in typical costumes, such as wedding attire and folk dances, also reinforces its role in preserving and promoting Portuguese cultural heritage.

In addition to its earthly symbolism, Coração de Viana is often associated with spiritual elements. In some religious traditions, jewelry is seen as a tangible representation of faith and divine protection. This spiritual dimension adds an additional layer to the meaning of the Viana Heart, making it an amulet of luck and protection.


Preserving Tradition

The city of Viana do Castelo not only bears witness to the history of the Viana Heart, but also plays an active role in its preservation. The artisanal tradition continues to live on, with local goldsmiths dedicating themselves to creating pieces that honor the authenticity of the symbol. Furthermore, the Viana Heart is often incorporated into architectural and decorative elements, testifying to its influence on various aspects of local life, thus functioning as a link between the past and the present, a bridge that connects ancient traditions with contemporary times.


Influence on Contemporary Culture

Although rooted in tradition, Coração de Viana is not confined to the past. Its influence transcends temporal boundaries and the boundaries of traditional jewelry, finding expression in architecture, contemporary fashion and even artistic manifestations. Contemporary times embrace the Viana Heart as a timeless symbol that maintains its relevance and beauty in a world in constant transformation.


The Viana Heart at LoveitPortugal

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Golden silver filigree pendant Heart of Viana 117mm (4.6in):

It is a Portuguese 925 silver pendant, handcrafted, gold plated and in the shape of the Viana Heart. In addition to the 117mm (4.6in) model, we also have smaller variants, 90mm (3.5in) and 67mm (2.6in) high.


Golden silver filigree Heart of Viana Earrings 35mm (1.4in):

It is a set of 925 Portuguese silver earrings, crafted by hand, with gold plating and in the shape of the Viana Heart, with blue details. It is 35mm (1.4in) wide.


Golden silver filigree pendant blue Heart of Viana 58mm (2.3in):

It is a Portuguese 925 silver pendant, crafted by hand, gold plated and in the shape of the Viana Heart, with blue details. In addition to the 58mm (2.3in) model, we have a smaller variant available, measuring 42mm (1.7in) in height.


Golden silver rigid filigree bracelet with Heart of Viana 80mm (3.14in):

It is a Portuguese 925 silver rigid bracelet, handcrafted, with gold plating and a Viana Heart, with blue details. It is 80mm (3.14in) wide.



The Viana Heart is not just a jewel; it is a narrative intertwined with Portugal's rich cultural tapestry. From its modest origins to its contemporary evolution, this iconic heart continues to pulse as a symbol of identity, love and tradition. Whether as a gift of affection, a link to tradition or a symbol of national resilience, Coração de Viana remains an enduring testament to Portugal's cultural and emotional richness. In every beat of this symbolic heart, it echoes the living narrative of a nation.


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