The Ceramics of Bordallo Pinheiro in Portugal

Who was Bordallo Pinheiro?

Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro was a prominent Portuguese artist of the 19th century, particularly recognized for his contributions in the field of ceramics.


He was born on March 21, 1846, in Lisbon, and left a legacy that still endures today, thanks to his innovative and distinctive work.


He founded his company in 1884, along with his brother Feliciano, the Faianças das Caldas da Rainha Factory.


The company quickly stood out for the originality and creativity of the pieces produced, which often incorporated elements of nature and Portuguese culture.


Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro was known not only for his production technique but also for his satirical humor, reflected in many of his porcelain creations.


This was because his pieces were often caricatures of public figures and social themes, which earned him widespread popularity.


His work had a significant impact on promoting Portuguese culture and tradition, especially in the field of ceramics.

What are the distinctive features of Bordallo Pinheiro products?

Bordallo Pinheiro products stand out for reflecting the richness of Portuguese flora and fauna, as well as their satirical aspect.


The inspiration from nature is evident in the central motif of many of their pieces, which present a creative and artistic interpretation of natural elements, combining realistic details with a touch of fantasy.


We're talking about decorative plates and sculptures, each item crafted to reflect the beauty and diversity of Portugal's natural environment.

Discover the Tradition of Portuguese Porcelain

Porcelain Roosters of Barcelos


The porcelain Roosters of Barcelos are a representation of one of Portugal's greatest traditions.


Known for their beauty and vibrant colors, these roosters are part of Portuguese culture.


Their origin lies in the legendary tale of Barcelos, where a man condemned to death for crimes he did not commit asserted his innocence until the last moment, promising that a rooster would crow as proof of his truthfulness.


Surprisingly, the judge's rooster crowed at the exact moment of the execution, prompting the judge to rush to prevent the tragedy.


It is said that a defective knot in the rope saved the man, proving his innocence and giving rise to one of Portugal's most emblematic symbols: the Rooster of Barcelos.


Made of porcelain, these Roosters of Barcelos are not just decorative objects but also symbols of luck, prosperity, and justice, meaning it's a good idea to have one, or more, roosters of Barcelos in your home!

Swallows in Porcelain

The Swallows from LoveitPortugal are meticulously crafted in earthenware and hand-painted, following the traditional technique of Caldas da Rainha, perpetuating the legacy of the renowned Portuguese ceramist Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro.


Symbols of elegance and gracefulness, Swallows are ceramic craft pieces that hold a prominent place in the country's traditions, adorning many Portuguese households.


Their versatility allows them to be displayed both outdoors, for example, on facades, and indoors, on walls, adding a touch of charm and authenticity to any space.


In addition to their decorative function, Porcelain Swallows have a symbolic meaning, representing freedom, harmony, and the beauty of nature.


Sardines in Porcelain

LoveitPortugal's Sardines transport us directly to the stunning beaches of Portugal.


Crafted with carefully detailed workmanship, these ceramic craft pieces are also part of the country's most emblematic traditions, as they are found in countless Portuguese homes and around the world.


Versatile and charming, these sardines can be used in various ways, either as decorative pieces on furniture or as standout elements on walls.


In terms of significance, Faience Sardines symbolize Portugal's connection to the sea and its rich fishing and gastronomic tradition.

Ceramic Flowers


Ceramic flowers are an excellent form of lasting and eco-friendly beauty.


Each flower from LoveitPortugal is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the craftsmanship and passion for creation that characterize the country's ceramic tradition.


Believe it, these flowers are true works of art that bring life and elegance to any environment.


After all, their uniqueness lies in attention to detail and the skill of Portuguese artisans in capturing the natural beauty of flowers in each molded piece.

Ceramic Dolls


You won't remain indifferent to the delicacy and charm of Ceramic Dolls, true works of art handmade by talented Portuguese artists.


Each doll from LoveitPortugal is meticulously hand-molded and painted with care.


Moreover, these dolls are lined with fabric skirts and adorned with realistic details.


Perfect as collectible pieces or special gifts, Ceramic Dolls add charm and elegance to any environment.


For this reason, they are the ideal gift for those who appreciate artisanal beauty and want to add a touch of sophistication to their home.


If you're passionate about Portuguese craftsmanship, explore other 100% Portuguese pieces.


Where to Buy 100% Portuguese Handicrafts

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But we have good news for you, as at LoveitPortugal, everything mentioned above is a point of honor.


So, in our online store, we offer a wide variety of 100% Portuguese handicraft products, ensuring authenticity and quality in each piece.


And when buying directly from LoveitPortugal, customers enjoy several advantages.

Firstly, we guarantee the origin and quality of all our products, ensuring that each piece is genuinely Portuguese and reflects the richness of our culture and tradition.


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In other words, our online store is the answer for those seeking special gifts and unique collectible pieces.


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