As the saying goes, Jewellry is a woman's best friend! And when it comes to jewellery, the choice of metal is a fundamental decision that affects not only the look, but also the value and durability of the piece. Filigree, a goldsmithing technique that involves creating intricate patterns using thin wires and small metal balls, is often associated with silver and gold. However, choosing between silver filigree and gold filigree can be a dilemma and a complex problem.


Silver Filigree

Elegant Beauty

Silver is known for its elegant beauty and soft shine. Silver filigree can be manufactured in its characteristic silver tone, but today it is also widely used in gold plating, which visually brings it closer to the characteristic tone of gold itself. Silver has a timeless appeal and can add a touch of class, delicacy and nobility to any piece. Silver filigree jewellery is often chosen by those who want a sophisticated and classic look.

All silver filigree jewellery must be double certified: by the Assay Office, which certifies the production of the silver piece and also the Certification of the production method and which certifies whether it is completely manual or not.



Silver is more affordable than gold, making silver filigree jewellery a more economical option. This makes them a popular choice for special gifts or for those looking to look great on a budget.



Silver is a durable metal, but it is more susceptible to scratches and wear compared to gold. Silver filigree jewellery may need extra care to maintain its shine over time.



Silver is a versatile metal that can be combined with various gemstones and other materials. This gives jewellers the opportunity to create varied designs that suit different tastes and styles.


Gold Filigree

Luxury and Prestige

Gold is often associated with luxury and prestige. Gold filigree is chosen by those who want a piece that conveys wealth and status. Gold filigree jewellery is often passed down from generation to generation as valuable heirlooms.

As in the case of silver, gold filigree jewellery must also be certified twice: by the Assay Office, which certifies the production of the piece and the quality of the Gold, and also Certification of the production method, which certifies whether it is completely manual or no.


Exceptional Durability

Gold is a remarkably durable and corrosion-resistant metal. Gold filigree jewellery resists wear and tear very well and maintains its shine over time, making it an excellent choice for pieces that will be worn frequently and for many years.


Investment Value

Gold has an intrinsic value that tends to increase over time. Gold filigree jewellery not only retains its value but can also become valuable investments. They are often purchased as a way to store wealth in a wearable and beautiful form.


Variety of Colours

Gold is available in many colours, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. This allows jewellery lovers to choose an option that suits their personal taste and complements their appearance.


Silver filigree Heart of Viana Earrings 42mm


The Choice Between Silver Filigree and Gold Filigree

Choosing between silver filigree and gold filigree is a difficult choice and depends on several personal factors. Some considerations to keep in mind when making your choice:



If your budget is limited, silver filigree may be the most affordable choice. It offers beauty and elegance at a lower price than gold.


Investment Value

If you're looking for a piece of jewellery that will maintain or even increase its value over time, gold is the obvious choice. Gold filigree jewellery can be seen as solid investments.


Purpose of the Piece

Consider the purpose of the jewellery. If you plan on using it daily, the durability of gold may be an advantage. However, if it is a piece only for special occasions or for occasional use, silver may be a more sensible choice.


Heritage and Meaning

Think about whether the jewellery will be kept for many years and passed down from generation to generation. If heritage and historical significance are important to you, gold may be the better choice.


Gemstone Compatibility

If you are looking for a piece with precious stones, gold may be the best choice. It makes more sense to combine precious stones, therefore valuable, with a more noble metal, therefore gold.



Hard choice!

The choice between silver filigree and gold filigree depends on your personal preferences and above all your budget. Aesthetically, both are very beautiful and perfect for making filigree jewellery. Silver filigree offers a more approachable elegance, while gold filigree conveys more luxury and prestige.

If you think long term and have the economic capacity to think of jewellery as a form of investment, then choosing gold filigree seems more logical and appropriate. If you are a person who thinks more in aesthetic terms and has a wide variety of filigree jewellery to wear depending on the chosen look, then choosing silver filigree may make more sense for you.

Good choices!