Reed bags, when cared for with love, have the particularity of accompanying you for a lifetime. Because quality materials are used and 100% Portuguese, your bag is able to pass generations and serve different purposes.

To help you make this possible, just follow the next steps where we will help you take care of your suitcase and above all, never forget that you are taking care of a work of art.

To start, one of the simplest but often overlooked ways is the way we store the suitcase/basket. Exactly, a simple thing, but that goes unnoticed and that is fundamental to guarantee that your piece will last longer. But then how should we store the suitcase? To answer this question, LoveItPortugal offers a cloth bag to store your piece and store it over time, protecting it from possible damage.

In addition, and although the cloth bag is a perfect form of packaging, it is essential that you leave the bag in airy spaces, away from direct light and with little humidity. Since these environments are conducive to the proliferation of molds. It is also recommended that you air the bag/basket at least once a month, to do so, remove it from the bag and the piece open, allowing greater air circulation.

It is just as important that each time you use it, be careful not to hit the bag/basket, avoiding scratches or even breaking the reeds. After each use, do not forget to store it carefully and repeat the procedures whenever necessary.

Taking care of your bag/basket with love will keep it with you for many years to come, because the reed is really a lifelong bet!

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