If you need reasons to visit Portugal, we are going to give you some that (guaranteed) will make your mouth water! When it comes to typical dishes, from the north to the south of the country and through the islands, you will discover what you cannot miss in each region of the country. Before we go on to the list, keep in mind that you will hardly be able to keep the diet!


If you are going to visit the north of Portugal, you cannot miss the famous francesinhas. Despite being a typical dish from Porto, it can already be eaten in several other regions, with slight changes, mainly in terms of the sauce. In addition to francesinha, the list of typical northern dishes includes tripe à moda do Porto, codfish à Braga, steak à Mirandesa, alheira and numerous seafood dishes.

However, the north is not only made of savory dishes and you can't miss trying the rabanadas poveiras (traditional from Póvoa de Varzim), the cavas from Resende and the pudding from Abade de Priscos (a delicacy from Braga).

Typical dishes from Portugal- North

City of origin and where is served

Francesinha Loaf of bread sandwich, with beef steak, sausage, cheese on top of the bread and hot sauce. Accompany with fries.

Porto and the entire North region.

 Tripas à moda do Porto  Beef roulade with white beans, chorizo, tripe and pork. Accompany with white rice. Porto and the entire North region.
Bacalhau à Braga (or Bacalhau à Narcisa) Fried cod fillets with onions. Accompany with sliced French fries. Braga and the entire North region.
Posta à Mirandesa Steak high tender, rare. Serve with mashed potato and pepper or greens salad.

Miranda do Douro and all over the country.

Alheira Smoked pork or poultry sausage. It may or may not be spicy. Serve with white rice and fries.

Mirandela and all over the country.

Shellfish Variety of seafood, including prawns, shrimp, lobster, crab, barnacles, clams, crabs, mussels and cockles.

Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro and throughout the North Coast region.

Rabanadas Poveira Slice of bread soaked in milk and egg and then fried. Served with sugar mixed with cinnamon.

Póvoa de Varzim.

Cavacas de Resende Cake served with frosting.

Resende, Viseu.

Pudim Abade de Priscos Cake, usually baked in a bain-marie, with caramel topping.




In the center, it is a mandatory stop to go to Bairrada and eat suckling pig, one of the favorite dishes of the Portuguese and which is present on feast days. In addition, the center offers you numerous dishes, including cod, grilled sardines, boilers and the famous mountain cheese (typically produced in Serra da Estrela).

To finish off your meals, don't miss the Ovos Moles from Aveiro (known by many as Veneza Portuguese - we recommend a visit!), the queijadas from Sintra, the arrufadas from Coimbra and the specialty born in the Jerónimos Monastery, the Pastéis de Belém, one of the most popular sweets in portuguese confectionery.

Typical dishes from Portugal- Center

City of origin and where is served


Young pork roasted in a wood-fired oven. Accompany with fries.


Fishes (various)

Cod, sardines, horse mackerel, mackerel, croaker, sea bream, swordfish, squid and octopus. Cooked in the oven or on the grill, it accompanies with potatoes and vegetables. Lisbon and the entire Centro Litoral region.
Caldeirada Fried cod fillets with onions. Accompany with sliced French fries. Lisbon and the entire Centro Litoral region.
Queijo da serra Cured cheese, with sheep's milk.

Serra da Estrela.

Ovos moles de Aveiro Sweet yolks with sugar, inside a wafer (wheat flour dough).


Queijadas de Sintra Sweet made from fresh cheese, eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon.


Arrufadas de Coimbra Cinnamon-flavored round cake sprinkled with sugar.


Pastéis de Belém Cake served with frosting.

Belém, Lisboa.


Southern cuisine is traditionally known for fish, carob and almond pastries. In addition, you should try the seafood soup, snails, pork, clams, Alentejo-style açorda, Algarve's famous cataplana and Xarém (a traditional portuguese dish with medieval origins).

For desserts, we recommend the sericaia from Alentejo and the fine sweets from the Algarve.

Typical dishes from Portugal- South

City of origin and where is served

Fishes (various)

Cod, sardines, horse mackerel, mackerel, croaker, sea bream, swordfish, squid and octopus. Roasted in the oven, served with potatoes.

The entire south coast.


Fruit rich in antioxidants, used to make bread and sweets, being a good substitute for cocoa. A little across the country.
Seafood soup Common soup base, usually served with monkfish, safio, squid and shrimp. The entire south coast.
Açorda à Alentejana Soup that can be used as a main dish. Bread crumbs, water, garlic, salt and oil. The taste of açorda can vary, with fish, seafood, and much more.


Cataplana à Algarvia Shrimp and pork, served with clams, peppers and onions.

Algarve and the entire south coast.

Xarém de conquilhas Cornmeal porridge, with clam or conquilhas flavor.


Sericaia Egg, sugar and cinnamon cake.


Doces finos do Algarve Almond flavored marzipan jam.



One of Madeira's most famous dishes is the bolo do Caco. But make no mistake, it's not a sweet, it's a bread baked on a piece of tile and which is usually eaten with garlic butter.

Also in Madeira, as in most regions of Portugal, fish and shellfish are tasty and cooked according to Portuguese traditions. But among the most famous are the black swordfish fillets, tuna steaks, snails and octopus.

You can't miss the beef kebab on a laurel stick, the couscous, the wheat soup and the garlic vine meat. And, of course, the appetizing queijadas and fennel candies.

Typical dishes from Portugal- Madeira

City of origin and where is served

Bolo do Caco Bread baked, on a piece of tile (traditionally), and which is usually eaten with garlic butter and parsley.

All over the archipelago.

Fishes (various) Despite having a vast supply of fish, one of the most sought after is the black swordfish. Served with onion and banana. All over the archipelago.
Shellfish One of the most appreciated seafood on the island of Madeira is limpets, seasoned with garlic, grilled and served with lemon. All over the archipelago.
Cow skewered Cubes of beef loin, roasted on a laurel skewer in a wood-fired oven.

All over the archipelago.

Wheat soup Pork soup and various vegetables. Vegetables and meat are served by mashing.

All over the archipelago.

Vine-and-garlic meat Pieces of pork marinated in vinegar, garlic and bay leaf. The meat is fried in this marinade.

All over the archipelago.

Broa de mel e Queijadas Pastries made with fresh cheese, eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

All over the archipelago.

Rebuçados de funcho Handcrafted fennel-flavored sweets.

All over the archipelago.

Bolo de Mel Sugar cane honey cake, with nuts and cinnamon.

All over the archipelago.



If you are thinking of going to the Azores island, you should try the seafood, the stew, the chicharros, the octopus, the cheese, the black pudding and the bolo yeast, which is a mixture of bread and cake. If you are a meat lover, you cannot miss the Azores regional steak, the alheira, the stew from the Furnas on the island of São Miguel or the rump steak on Terceira island.

Finally, the malassadas (famous at the time of Carnival), the queijadas de Vila, the queijadas da Dona Amélia and the queijadas da Graciosa. Also famous on this island are melons, pineapples and passion fruit.

Typical dishes from Portugal - Azores

City of origin and where is served

Bolo Lêvedo Slightly sweet bread, it can be eaten with butter and jam or with hamburgers or other meat.

São Miguel Island.

Fishes (various) Although fish makes up the majority of traditional dishes, the most popular are seabream, grouper, bigeye tuna, snapper, black mouth, emperor, alfonsim and lily. All over the archipelago.
Shellfish One of the most popular seafood in Azores is limpets, grilled in butter, garlic and a spicy pepper sauce. All over the archipelago.
Bife à Regional Steak with garlic paste, pepper and grilled salt. Some recipes call for an egg on horseback.

São Miguel Island, but possible to find throughout the archipelago.

Cheese Azores cheese, from raw milk. Intense and spicy flavor.

All over the archipelago.

Cozido das furnas da ilha de São Miguel All the ingredients are put together in a pan, which is buried in the ground, where it cooks for about 5 hours, next to the furnas boilers.

São Miguel Island.

Alcatra da Ilha Terceira Piece of beef, cooked in a clay bowl and served with pasta sovada, which is a sweet bread.

Terceira Island.

Malassadas Balls of yeast dough, fried and coated with granulated sugar.

All over the archipelago.

Queijadas Pastries made with fresh cheese, eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

All over the archipelago.


We leave you with these examples, but there are many more. Come and discover the delicacies that Portugal has in store for you!