If you're curious about what makes the colorful houses of Costa Nova so special, we're here to help.

Costa Nova is a coastal village located in the Aveiro region, in the center of Portugal.

It is primarily known for its curious striped houses, called Palheiros da Costa Nova. And believe it or not, many tourists flock to this place to take pictures of these super Instagrammable constructions.

So, to make your visit richer and more enjoyable, we've gathered in this article a set of details that we consider important.

Thus, you will not only learn about the history of the Palheiros, but also about the origin of the village of Costa Nova and what to visit in the surrounding areas.


Visit the Palheiros of Costa Nova

The Palheiros of Costa Nova, or the colorful houses of Costa Nova, are the former warehouses of fishermen.

In other words, it was in these places that they stored their nets, boats, and fishing materials at the end of the day.


But what makes the Palheiros of Costa Nova so special and the reason why everyone wants to see them is their picturesque and colorful appearance.


The striped facades leave no one indifferent. And the fact that they are located in a seaside setting attracts even more visitors.


In addition to the Palheiros, Costa Nova offers other unmissable attractions for visitors.

We're talking about extensive beaches of golden sand, which are ideal for spreading out your towel in the sun or for practicing water sports such as surfing and windsurfing.

What is the history of Costa Nova?

Do you know the origin of the name Costa Nova?

The name "Costa Nova" is related to the location of the place, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Ria de Aveiro. There was already a coast, the old coast, which was that of Praia de São Jacinto. And with the opening of the bar of Ria de Aveiro, a new coast was born.

Furthermore, in the 19th century, Costa Nova became a summer destination chosen by the Portuguese elite, who sought to escape urban heat.

It was at this time that the iconic colorful striped houses began to gain popularity, popping up one after another along the coast.

It is important to mention that these constructions were initially built as temporary fishermen's huts. Easy to build, with relatively inexpensive materials, and in an excellent region to enjoy the beach, everyone wanted to have a small paradise in Costa Nova.

Over time, these huts were replaced by permanent vacation homes, but maintaining the original architectural style of colorful stripes.

The story behind the choice of color for the houses is peculiar. So, the stripes were initially painted in shades of red, green, blue, and yellow, as a way to help fishermen identify their homes from a distance, especially on foggy days.

Rumor has it that the colorful colors also served to help drunken fishermen find the correct house and not go to the neighbor's. Well, the correct version may include a little of both stories.

What to visit near Costa Nova?

In addition to Costa Nova Beach and the palheiros mentioned earlier, there are several must-see attractions not far from this region that are well worth exploring.

For example, there's the São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve, the city of Aveiro, the Vista Alegre Museum in Ílhavo, and the Umbrella Sky Project in Águeda.

So you can plan your itinerary, here's all the information you need.

Just 11 km away, nature lovers can enjoy a walk to the São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve. The idea is to walk there, as driving would take you almost 60 km.

This protected area has a relatively stunning landscape, with sand dunes, pine forests, and a rich diversity of wildlife.

Moreover, for food enthusiasts, a visit to Aveiro, just 12 km away, is a must. Here, you can savor the delicious ovos moles, a traditional delicacy made with sugar and egg yolks, and take a moliceiro boat trip through the city's canals.

Remember that Venice is known as the "Venice of Portugal," so it makes perfect sense to explore this fabulous place.

Also within a short drive, about 13 km away, is the Vista Alegre Museum in Ílhavo.

This museum provides a detailed overview of the history and production of the famous Vista Alegre porcelain, one of Portugal's most prestigious ceramic brands.

Take some time to explore the exhibits and participate in the interactive workshops the museum offers.

For a more distant cultural getaway, about 34 km away, we find Águeda, famous for its colorful umbrellas suspended above the streets, the Umbrella Sky Project. It's simply magical to walk beneath a sky of colorful umbrellas.

We believe it's the perfect way to complement your visit to the colorful houses of Costa Nova.

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